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Well, we have now been living in our new home in Kabwe for about a month.   It has been interesting and rewarding to adjust to a settled life in Africa (in the past we moved around every week or so, spending time in various villages and townships).  We have also experienced a variety of challenges and difficulties, demonstrating to us that we are probably right where we’re supposed to be!

It is SO good to see Monica eating and playing again!

It is SO good to see Monica eating and playing again!

Monica is doing much, MUCH better.  Thank you so much to everyone for your continued prayers.  The doctor here in Kabwe was never able to diagnose the cause of her fainting/seizing.  However, with the administration of the broad spectrum antibiotic, her episodes went away, her appetite returned (in full force), and she became the little trouble maker that a toddler is supposed to be.  We praise God for His mercy, as we were not sure what to do next if the medication didn’t work.  We will be returning to South Africa for the birth of Baby 2, at which point we will take Monica to a hospital for testing and scans.  We just want to make sure that the seizing was not caused by something that may resurface or that may have been related to some kind of parasite, still lurking within.  Until then, we are keeping a vigilant watch over her.  Our greatest concern with the attacks, and the primary reason we still watch over her so closely, was that she stopped breathing and was unable to revive herself.  Please continue to pray that the Lord has indeed healed her completely.

The next best thing to "bug-g"? Reptiles! Here Monica checks out a chameleon we picked up by the road.

The next best thing to “bug-g”? Reptiles! Here Monica checks out a chameleon we picked up by the road.

The rains have finally come to Kabwe, cooling the oppressive afternoon heat to a much more bearable temperature.  However, with the arrival of the rains come…. the bugs.  I don’t do bugs; end of story.  However, I have discovered, much to my own dismay, that Monica is very much into bugs.  There is nothing that grabs her attention like a fat, African ant scuttling across the porch (and the African ants are HUGE, I mean like US grasshopper sized).  Just the other day she came up to me and said, “Mommy!  See?  Fyyy!”  Cringing, I reached out my hand and thought, “Oh, gross.  She’s picked up a dead fly and now I have to take it and act happy.   Bleh!!!!!”  As her little hand turned over into mine, instead of seeing a dried up, old fly, a live, l-i-v-e spider crawled across my palm and up my arm.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  I think I scrubbed my skin off before I got that creepy feeling off of my arm.  Monica wasn’t impressed that I squished her fine new friend either.  A few days later Monica came to me again, “Mommy, Mommy!  See?  See?  Bug-g.  Bug-g!!!”  Not to be fooled twice, I said, “Oh, good for you!!  Put it on the ground so Mommy can see it!”  This time she placed a medium sized (1.5” +-) Red Roman spider-ant on the ground- also alive!!!  Now, these guys pinch HARD.  They leave nasty bites that easily fester and become infected.  Let’s just say I’m beginning to fear that my child has an affinity for, dare I say it?, BUGS.  And we have brought her to the land of Insecta Gigantica.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

The Red Roman or "Camel" spider. It gives a nasty bite. I think it looks AWFUL.

The Red Roman or “Camel” spider. It gives a nasty bite. I think it looks AWFUL.

Timothy has been busy preparing everything for the Container’s arrival.  Because we are expecting so many books and materials, he has designed, cut, built, and painted quite a few book cases and storage shelves for these priceless treasures.  It is such a pleasure to see him at work in what has truly become his country (although that would apply more to the continent than Zambia specifically).  He at last has a place to call home in the land that he loves so deeply.  It is amazing  and wonderful to see him happily at work for the Lord here in Africa.

See? I'm HELPING. Right, Dad?

See? I’m HELPING. Right, Dad?

It looks like the Container can be opened!  In fact, Timothy has gone to Lusaka for a few days, intending to do just that.  We are keeping our fingers crossed as we wait to hear if it really is ready.  In Africa, you don’t just wait to count your chickens until they hatch.  You usually wait until they’ve grown up, laid a few eggs of their own, and survived the summer… then you count them.  So… pray with me that he’ll find the paperwork in order and the Container cleared for opening.  Once he can start sorting through the boxes we will be able to ascertain the condition everything has arrived in and decide how to put the materials to good use.

Please also keep me in your prayers as I have been experiencing a great deal of extreme lower back and leg pain due to a pinched nerve.  I hear this will go away as soon as the baby is born… 6 more weeks to go!

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  1. Oh my goodness… she is adorable!! She is adorable even if she does like nasty bugs! I’m so glad you have a place you can settle into. We love you guys and miss you, and you are in our constant prayers. xoxoxo

  2. Hey my girl……so glad that you are settling in. Moo is looking like she is in her element…….but I am really missing her!! Wish you were coming down here for Stephen……
    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    God bless,
    Love Lenora

  3. 🙂 I laughed so hard I cried!! Tell Monica to keep up the good work from Auntie Sarah! I think this is good for you, maybe you’ll come to a deeper understanding and appreciation for bugs… or not. 😉 This made me think of that poor tarantula your mom so bravely captured and embalmed for my bug collection!!

  4. What a joyous update! Our baby Monica has the appreciation and love of all things created by God – surely it was the hours we spent with all the Keller boys looking and admiring bugs–sorry to say I encouraged that trait! (Actually have some photos I’ll have to find showing just that!) Love from Auntie Lynda

  5. The bug thing sounds like basically the worst interest she could possibly have, given where you’re living . . . well, maybe not. A thing for snakes might be worse . . . are there black mambas where you are? I suppose lion-loving wouldn’t be too great either.

    Hope things keep going well. =)

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