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Diagnosing Tim, part 2 – Kellers in Africa

Kellers in Africa

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Diagnosing Tim, part 2

In early December our good friends the Munoz Family recommended that we visit Dr Shelton, a homeopathic doctor in Phoenix. After hearing Timothy’s symptoms and seeing the results of his recent lab work, he suggested heavy metal and parasite tests. He also pointed out that Timothy’s kidney function was down to 59% (something missed by the doctor in Phoenix who actually ordered the labwork).

The heavy metal test came back “dangerously elevated” for lead. While Dr Shelton ran other tests, Timothy began iv chelation treatment, along with an extensive regimen of medication and supplements to reverse the damage to his organs and stabilize his condition. Early in the second treatment, the doctor also discovered that Timothy has an electrical problem with his heart, possibly caused by the lead poisoning. This nerve/heart condition is called “second degree atrial blockage”. Because it can range from benign to deadly, the doc referred us to a cardiologist. We visited the cardiologist yesterday (we were bumped way up the list due to the potential seriousness of Timothy’s condition). After looking at Timothy’s EKG the doctor was very reassuring. He ordered several tests, including one for Lyme Disease (due to symptoms and exposure in Sudan).

Sudan offered ample opportunity for lead poisoning and Lyme Disease exposure (amongst other things)

We are very thankful that the Lord lead us to a competent physician before Timothy’s health deteriorated to a level from which return would be improbable. We are also thankful that this diagnosis is very treatable (before now we were down to depression or cancer).

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  1. Good grief, how unbelievably frustrating! I’m very thankful God led you to the doc who would diagnose him properly and pray that all the resources you need will be provided, along with healing. You guys could be on “Mystery Diagnosis” on the Discovery Channel….seriously.

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