We’re so happy to have Abby with us for the next two months! She is here to help us out, spend time with the kids, experience Africa, learn about missionary work, and lighten our life with her great sense of humor and beautiful smile. 🙂 Frederick has already decided that she came for his exclusive benefit.

Frederick and his new body pillow/love-of-his-life ;)

Frederick and his new body pillow/love-of-his-life 😉

Besides filling our house with her fun-loving laughter, she has been incredibly helpful. Having an extra set of hands to help with the two babies has certainly made my life much more pleasant! She has also worked with several of the local missions, social work groups, and missionaries. We’re trying to give her a chance to experience Africa and ministry from a variety of angles. In June and July we are working with the OM Pro Christo mission doing various local outreaches. We’re blessed to live close to a large mission like this one, as they are more easily able to organize large scale outreaches. This will be a GREAT opportunity for Abby to flex her developing missionary muscles! ; )

Tomorrow we are heading for the Eastern Province and Malawi. This part of Zambia is quite different from Kabwe both in climate and culture. We’re “looking forward” to our first camping trip with both babies. And we’re soooooooo glad to have Abby along with us!!! (We hope she survives the 10 hour trip in the backseat with the babies…. maybe we’ll have to take turns….. )

Abby got a real missionary start this morning. We somehow didn’t communicate when she needed to be ready to go… so she got 15 minutes notice. She went from bed to dressed to the car in that time, missed coffee, and hardly got any breakfast. However, she walked out the door with a smile on her face, waving and telling me to have a nice day. Wow. Good job, Abby! (Watch out, mom & dad… this girl has what it takes!) I better be careful, though… if she keeps up like this, Pro Christo will try to steal her from me. Frederick would never forgive me.

Thanks to the Kutz Family for sharing her with us- she’s a real treasure! 🙂

Monica thought you'd like to see her latest bug.  A 5 inch mantis.  ON MY PORCH.

Monica thought you'd like to see her latest bug. A 5 inch mantis. ON MY PORCH.

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